"I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it."
— Pablo Picasso

Clients & Testimonials

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"Ray made it really user-friendly to follow along in the virtual setting, including the structure of the notes and the use of breakout rooms."
Alyssa W.
Johns Hopkins
“Ray is very engaging and keeps the audience involved despite the virtual setting. I thought he did a great job making virtual training interesting and engaging.”
Clark S.
Lowe's Companies
"I thoroughly enjoyed the entire course...and would recommend it to my coworkers. There are many suggestions that I will start using immediately in my day-to-day work schedule."
Cindy R.
Johns Hopkins
"I would like to sincerely thank you for the time and effort you took to make our team-building exercise a success. The attention to detail you provided us, from the advanced preparation to the actual training, to the follow-on, was extraordinary.

"The results are already showing: our teams are functioning more efficiently and effectively ... I believe that the training has reduced the stress in the office to both the individuals on the team as well as to the management responsible for the individual teams ... Not only did the experience leave me with a feeling of accomplishment, but it also provided buy-in from staff, staff ownership of the process, and a path to follow to achieve our goals."
Liesel D.
U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration
"Excellent course. Excellent!"
Jacqueline C.
The National Academies
"It was so enriching to have your expertise and ideas in crafting this important presentation for our development staff. The information presented by you was well-received, and the enrollees were enthusiastic about what they had learned."
Sandra A.
Johns Hopkins University
"Ray Perry was an excellent speaker, who used humor and audience participation to keep us interested."
Paul G.
Absolute Calibration Ltd.
"This has been a very enlightening class. I work with someone who took this class last year and has been implementing it with success ever since. She encouraged me to take it."
Karen C.
Johns Hopkins
"This course gets my top vote of any class I have attended in the past 20 years. Ray is the best instructor I have had since college. He and the course material were awesome, and we've had participants request more classes. If we keep using instructors like Ray Perry ... I think the courses will sell themselves by word of mouth."
Susan W.
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
"This topic and class were so beneficial — especially for this time. I appreciate the engagement Ray had and his expertise in holding Zoom meetings. It may have been my favorite CPE session to date.”
Heather G.
Lowe's Companies
"I am a new manager with no training, but I have really learned a lot that I plan to put into action. The leader was great, kept it upbeat and moving, and the time flew by fast. Thank you for letting Ray give us all new insight on being a better manager and leader."
Donna P.
Twin City Dental
"Ray was very well-organized and very enthusiastic! That kept everyone interested and involved. I like the fact that this workshop gave real ideas on what we can do to improve our situation in the workplace."
Chuck R.
International Trade Administration, Import Administration
"Great interaction and approach, knowledgeable on every subject, excellent attitude and sense of humor!"
Trevon B.
Johns Hopkins
"The seminar was well-received.  We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback concerning its content from the participants.  It is the participation of people like you that make such interesting educational events possible, and your significant contributions are very much appreciated."
Cecelia C.
Association for Accounting Administration and Maryland Association for Certified Public Accountants
"This was by far the best class that I've ever taken in my 10 years being here at Hopkins!"
Nakia S.
Johns Hopkins
"Fabulous as always, Ray!  Your content is immediately useful."
Mike B.
Johns Hopkins
"We had wonderful feedback from the course!  Thank you so much for bringing your talents and such relevant topic matter to our Firm."
Beth T.
BDO International
"I enjoyed this class! The best part for me was learning how to prioritize, practice and implement the actionable takeaways."
Sharon L.
Johns Hopkins
"Ray kept the class moving and motivated, and is clear-spoken.  I like that I walked away with many good ideas and feel better about what I've done in the past and what I can improve upon. This (course) should be mandatory for all supervisors."
Joy A.
Aqua America
"Ray's presentation has been wonderful — he has managed to involve all of us in the process, and his examples were relevant to the realities of the workplace."
Sekoalia M.
U.S. Department of Commerce
"The presenter was very funny, helped us stay focused, and cares that we do better in our priority management — he was not simply imparting information."
Al B.
Association of American Medical Colleges
"I gained a clearer insight with regards to what I need to change in my routine/habits, in order to work more effectively and accomplish more of my goals ... The material was very well-presented!"
Larissa T.
Association of American Medical Colleges
"Ray Perry is very informative!  He knows the subject well.  I was VERY impressed!  I have a lot of ideas and instead of just learning info, I now have ways to implement these.  I'm very excited and know that my enthusiasm also will excite my staff.  Thank you, Ray!"
Audrey C.
Service Credit Union
"Perfect pace!  Ray accommodated our different learning and communication styles very effectively — very productive class!"
John W.
Association of American Medical Colleges
"Well-organized, pertinent, instantly usable info!  Great handouts/workbook.  Ray Perry made the learning experience fun.  He created an effective balance between content and application, managed to work-in a satisfying amount of time for people to share problems and best practices. Excellent facilitation!!!  I'll take other classes from Ray in a flash — this in fact is my second in two months."
Denise H.
Johns Hopkins University
"This was the best training I've had with the agency.  There was no time to be bored — we constantly participated and learned."
Kathy M.
Social Security Administration
"I liked how he made us get involved, instead of lecturing the whole time."
Bora K.
‍Watkins Meegan LLC
"Ray did a great job of keeping us involved...and encouraging open participation.  Great course!"
Katie M.
‍Watkins Meegan LLC
"He did an excellent job of getting the message across while keeping everyone interested."
Carol F.
‍Pike County (Penn.) Public Library
"Ray is a great speaker.  The whole seminar flowed smoothly, and he made the time go quickly with his wonderful sense of humor."
Nancy K.
‍Fluvanna County (Va.) Parks and Recreation Dept.
"The speaker is excellent in knowledge — a hands-on experience, very specific and helpful, offered excellent group participation, and made me aware of issues I personally will need to work on."
Marsha J.
Fireman's Fund Insurance Co.
"Ray did an excellent job involving the group and delivering his message.  This course helped me to recognize my weaknesses, and helped me to develop goals for improvement both professionally and personally."
Rafaela P.
Shin-Etsu Polymer Co., Ltd.
"(Ray) is a great speaker, and keeps you interested."
William J.
Computer Products & Services
"Well-organized course.  The mix of videos, slides, group activities and quiet meditation kept me engaged throughout the course."
Rudy L.
‍Johns Hopkins
"Ray was awesome and engaging — loved his teaching style!  I got some great tips that I know I will use in the future!"
Meagan S.
Johns Hopkins
"Really nice job.  I enjoyed the content a lot — it will be very helpful in the future.  The checklist is a favorite!"
Melanie B.
Johns Hopkins
"Ray is a phenomenal speaker who always successfully delivers his messages.  I thoroughly enjoy his classes!"
A. Stemple
Johns Hopkins
"Ray Perry was awesome, and I would take a course just because he would be leading it."
Tijr G.
Black & Decker
"Ray is terrific!  He definitely knows the material, is clear with course agenda, gives real-world examples, and keeps flow going and a light-hearted atmosphere."
Sandra S.
Black & Decker
"Ray held our attention the entire time."
Julie Y.
Black & Decker
"Love the involvement in the class — Ray makes it easy to learn and reiterates important points."
Cindy C.
Black & Decker
"Excellent class!"
Charlene H.
Black & Decker
"Ray's class was great — he is a superb instructor!"
M. Williams
Association of American Medical Colleges
"Wonderful instructor!  The course was very informative, well-taught, interactive, fun."
Winston C.
‍Association of American Medical Colleges
"I liked the focus on nuts and bolts.  (Ray was) very energetic and personable. Kept the participants engaged, and modified the course to meet the unique needs of our class."
Nicholas S.
‍Association of American Medical Colleges
"Ray is very knowledgeable — excellent instructor!"
Wanda Z.
Watkins Meegan LLC
"Ray Perry was the BEST presenter I've had for a very long time!"
Albert S.
Association of American Medical Colleges
"Very articulate, enthusiastic, and organized. (Ray) made an otherwise dull subject very interesting."
Gabriel F.
SGS, U.S. Testing
"He was very enthusiastic, realistic, and made the session fun!"
Laura C.
Chubb Group
"Great seminar! Great information! Excellent leader!"
Tammy M.
Building Industry Association, Lancaster County (Penn.)
"Ray Perry is an excellent instructor.  He was very knowledgeable, motivational, and emphasized time and again how to use what we've been taught to move ahead."
Linda A.
Life Center Ministries International
"Ray gets all points across effectively and uses group participation very well."
Robert R.
Pepsi Bottling Group
"I got exactly the info I needed.  Mr. Perry provided excellent ideas and techniques."
Pamela W.
Naval Air Depot, Jacksonville (Fla.)
"Excellent speaker!"
Mark G.
"Ray was exceptional.  The seminar was exactly what I needed."
Jessica W.
Defense Commissary Agency
"Excellent presentation."
Susan S.
Lung Associates of Sarasota (Fla.)
"He definitely kept your attention and interest."
Pam J.
First North American National Bank
"He gave me a lot of helpful ideas and a solid action plan to implement back at work."
Jeanette R.
University of Maine
"Excellent presenter! And excellent layout through the course to establish actionable items and actually execute all the way through."
Gabriel D.
Black & Decker
"Very useful for senior-level and higher-level management!"
Wynne P.
Watkins Meegan LLC