"I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it."
— Pablo Picasso

On-Site Courses & Conference Breakout Sessions

Each topic listed below can be presented either as a conference breakout session, or as a half-day or full-day training session for your staff. All in-person presentations can be customized based on your unique needs and objectives. If you do not see a topic listed below that you would like to have delivered, please get in touch with us. We have created custom training and conference breakout sessions for some of our clients and would be happy to discuss creating one for you.
All on-site courses and conference breakout sessions can be customized based on your needs and objectives. Courses can be delivered as either full-day on-site sessions, or as half-day on-site or virtual sessions.

If you do not see a topic listed here that you would like to have delivered, please get in touch with us.  We also create custom courses for some clients and will be happy to discuss creating a course for you.
SERVICES / On-Site Courses and Conference Breakout Sessions
Leadership/Management Development
Leading into the Future – Linking Vision, Alignment and Execution
Excellence in Management – Driving Results Without Driving Your Team Crazy
Leading and Managing Change – Cultivating Team ‘Change-ability’
Building a More Cohesive Team Culture
Situational Delegation – Inspiring Accountability in Your Employees
Inspiring Your Team to Engage in Continuous Improvement
Strategic Coaching – Growing Employee Performance
Becoming a More Emotionally Intelligent Leader
Project Management – Delivering Results On Time and Within Budget
Productivity Training
Managing Multiple Priorities – The Discipline of Getting Things Done
Overcoming Procrastination – Bridging the Gap Between Your Goals and Reality
Getting and Staying More Organized
Career Development Planning
Communication Training
The Communication Challenge – Disarming Difficult People
Conflict Resolution – Resolving Conflict Without Diminishing Relationships
Managing Up for Supervisors and Non-Supervisors
Effective Meetings and Presentations
Becoming a More Confident Communicator
Work/Life Balance
Mindfulness and the Art of Stress Management
Positive Psychology and the Science of Happiness