COVID-19 UPDATE: Click here to learn more about our virtual training options.

Remote Live Sessions


Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, effective in March 2020 Skill Track temporarily has replaced its on-site course offerings with virtual training that is remotely live-streamed in order to continue fulfilling our clients' leadership and professional development needs during this global emergency.

We are aware of recent news that has revealed security concerns with a leading global provider of videoconferencing, and we have responded accordingly.  Although we have never had a security breach of our sessions, we take our clients' privacy considerations seriously and preemptively have taken steps to avoid any compromise of our virtual presentations.

Privacy settings and safeguards for all Skill Track live-streamed sessions are strictly enforced, and every session can be accessed only via password.  In addition, we also strongly encourage every participant in our virtual presentations to carefully check the privacy settings on their end, as well.